Leech Leathercraft

I’m John Snyder. I started Leech Leathercraft in 2021 in my garage in Walker in sight of Leech Lake. Once it got cold I moved in to the new location, which is my basement. I have been doing leathercraft for several years, but in the recent years I found myself wanting to develop new skills and create beautiful things.

Leather crafting is an evening and weekend job for me. My career is in Geographic Information Systems where I create, manage, analyses and map different spatial datasets using computers. I am drawn toward leather working because of desire to create practical items that you can hold and feel. I love pulling my wallet out of my pocket to pay for something or using a coaster at work.

My family is the best. My wife takes such good care of our 3 children.  My oldest daughter loves to come visit me while I am working on leather, and listen to music with me, or steal my chair to tool her own coaster. She also has setup a workstation next to mine and is getting pretty good at doing edge work. My son is such a delight. He has some disabilities, but he is such a cute and sweet boy. Our youngest daughter climbs on everything and has been teaching her brother to get into trouble. She is such a cutie. 

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